The arts build community in elder care.

TAO involves hundreds of local musicians, artists, dancers , storytellers, students and actors in its programs – if someone comes to us compassionately, with professionalism, talent and creativity, we work with them to match their talents with special needs clients seeking involvement in the arts. We send artists to 70 locations in 7 cities, and there is a waiting list of several dozen more locations wanting programs. Being old shouldn’t mean isolation and loneliness. I’d much rather see those last years of life filled with celebration, joy, and community. The arts make all that easy. Here are just a few survey comments:

Residents really enjoyed the sing-a-long. MuuMuu Mamas provided words to songs for residents.

The residents and staff of SFNC enjoyed a state of the arts and superb performance. We greatly look forward to the TAO visiting us during the year.

(Drum circle at VA Hospital, Hampton) This was an excellent program for our veterans. They really came alive when they started playing the instruments. Everyone was smiling and making up their own beats and just enjoying the interaction.

The residents showed their active engagement in the programming by singing, clapping, tapping their feet & eye contact with the group.

The residents were very involved, keep full attention towards the subject.

Clients danced along with dancers, they volunteered when asked, and they were all actively engaged in the performance. Many of the clients made requests for the Muu Muu Mamas to return to the program.

Next post: Training and development for artists


About maryann4tao

Executive Director at Tidewater Arts Outreach. Former Volunteer Hampton Roads Training Manager and United Way/Salt Lake City Major Gifts Officer.
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