Drum Circles for Seniors

Sentara Adult Day Program came alive with the sounds of percussion in a drum workshop led by Anthony Hailey and Chris Koroshetz, two area musicians of note.  We gathered some participants into a circle so that they could play the nine djembes together.  The other 50+ participants were seated throughout the room at tables, which we ladened with woodblocks, guiros, shakers, various bells, chimes, zills, tambourines, etc.

Anthony started with a simple heartbeat.  It was easy for folks to join into this.  Once everyone was engaged, he and Chris took turns mixing it up a bit, adding other beats to accentuate.  A full twenty minutes later, still working off that same beat, eyes and smiles were wide and folks were delighted with what was being created.  The hour passed quickly.  The most effective part of this program was the use of two wonderful musicians, who not only played well, but related with such excellence to this group, and the use of one or two volunteers who went around the room assisting with instruments.

We have all the drums and instruments at TAO and we are working to put these into the hands of more seniors, through more senior drum circle.s


About maryann4tao

Executive Director at Tidewater Arts Outreach. Former Volunteer Hampton Roads Training Manager and United Way/Salt Lake City Major Gifts Officer.
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