Jim Morrison interviewed Shelby Lynne, our Sea Level Festival concert headliner, and here is the article. She is the real deal – we’re thrilled to have secured her for our festival!

Semi-Regular Raves 'n' Rants

For “Revelation Road,” her most recent album, Shelby Lynne, a writer who has long stared at the harsh realities of her life, delved even deeper.

“I wrote about things I’ve never written about before in a deeply personal way,” she says. “It was time for these songs to come to be. When the muse comes, you just kind of hold the pen. If you do it right, it just kind of goes right through you. I honestly think that’s why I’m here. “

“I get really excited holding pen and guitar in hand and when I see this is something deep (I’m writing), I’m digging it. I’m not afraid of highly emotional content,” Lynne says with typical directness. “I think that’s what we need in the music world. I’m not going to sit around a write ditties. I write some shit that’s powerful. My job is to create art and…

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