‘Life In Transit’ Project for Victims of Domestic Violence

Tidewater Arts Outreach shares the joy and healing power of the arts with many people, from all walks of life.  A common denominator of those we serve is that they are living with special needs that set them apart, or isolates them, from society and the relationship and access to culture and community that so many of us take for granted.  We serve homeless families, teens transitioning through the VB court system for placement purposes, adults with intellectual, physical and emotional disabilities, and lots of frail, infirm seniors who are in dependent care day and residential programs.  We also serve victims of domestic violence, through programs that are specifically tailored to meet their needs, designed by artists who are uniquely qualified to effectively engage with this group.

Life In Transit was designed by artist, educator and author Donna Iona Drozda. Life In Transit (LiT) is a series that involves three different groups at three local domestic violence programs.  LiT offers workshop participants the opportunity to use journaling and visual arts techniques to express their emotions, dreams and visions for healing.

Another aspect of Life in Transit is the  display the resulting artwork in public spaces, including public transportation.  The artwork and poetry on display will poignantly share powerful messages of healing, struggle, personal change, pain and more, while protecting the identify of the artists.

Tidewater Arts Outreach has been able to provide some limited funding to this project so far; TAO is working to secure full project funding for this transformational series.  Follow the link above to Donna Drozda’s LiT page.


About maryann4tao

Executive Director at Tidewater Arts Outreach. Former Volunteer Hampton Roads Training Manager and United Way/Salt Lake City Major Gifts Officer.
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