Thousands of people, young and old, live in isolation or are confined in facilities across Hampton Roads. Our mission – and our joy – is to share high-quality, music, visual and other live arts experiences with those who have no natural access to them. The results have been transformational, both to the recipients and to our artists. This creative, evolving and highly personal outreach also leads to a broader awareness of all the people in our community who, for whatever reason, are isolated from everyday society.

We started Tidewater Arts Outreach in 2004, as three friends, a computer, some musical instruments and a vision.   In 2010, we supported 281 programs, workshops and live art experiences. More than 7,700 clients and residents were touched by these healing acts, not to mention the many family members and facility staff in attendance. Thanks to the generous and amazing outpouring of support from local artists, we are able to match hundreds of them and their talents with 71 different facilities in seven Hampton Roads cities. We mentor the artists, schedule programs, provide compensation, feedback, praise and encouragement.

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